Performing to the Best of Our Abilities- Why?

As I continue to go farther than I’ve gone in a long time, I sit and ponder if I’m doing my best. I hope that I am. I pray that I’m tackling this elephant of a project to the best of my abilities because I’m giving all I have to give. That’s all any of us can do after all: give the best we have. And, even though others may judge our performance lackluster, that’s not always the universe’s point of view.

We know this because we live in a galaxy where there is a law of cause and effect. What you put in is what you get out. There is no one above this law, whether you’re successful or finding yourself in the dumps. But why must we do our best? Why are we wired to push and push and push until we break through in ways we never knew possible? I believe that just as we are wired to seek and to imitate a higher force, we’re designed wanting to do our best. Even those who don’t like to work will do their best because it’s just that . . . their best it’s what they’re wired to do.

Here’s a theory. Say we are, in fact, as science, mystics, and spiritual medicine people proclaim. Meaning that we are all within the creator/maker/universe and the universe/creator/maker is in fact inside of us because it’s all energy. This would mean that each person is likened to a cell within a body, each of us with a job to do in order to keep this body healthy; the body being every nuance in this creation such as the stars in the sky that light the way or the many planets rotating in the manner that we’ve come to expect. Everything moves as designed because everyone does what’s expected and everyone does what’s expected because everything moves as designed. This includes everything, it doesn’t matter what we’re working on, whether we’re doing little things like collecting aluminum cans and other metals for cash or heading million dollar companies, our effort contributes to the whole.

We are wired to do our best and only when we are not in our bliss do we doubt if we’re doing so. It’s like worry; blocking and preventing us from the true exchange of payment, light energy. So I surrender and release my concern of my performance and instead just perform. I sit in the truth that I help the all by doing me and as long as I follow instincts I will no doubt do my best not only because I am in everyone and everyone is in me but because I was wired to do my best.

Final Word: Broken down to the common denominator doing our best is unconditional love and unconditional love is made up of accepted efforts which are too small, incomplete, and undefined as of yet; but still, the effort is our best nonetheless.

-Thanks for Listening

Divine Responsibility: The Director’s Chair & Renewal

With the completion of a harvest, the choice becomes either gracefully surrendering to the stage of renewal or experiencing renewal by external forces of circumstance. As we age, we come to discover that being proactive beats being reactive any day. From our wisdom of cycles, we know exactly what time the bounty will come to an end; upon this realization, we begin to daydream on what is next. This is when the conversation with self about self begins and our prayers for a better life enter the universe. Wisdom knows that we don’t have to wait until stockpiles are empty before readying the ground for new seeds. In other words, we don’t need to hit the floor before we begin striving toward a better tomorrow. Plus, if we are truly grounded in the movie of our life, we can pretty much know what is next with a high degree of accuracy.

Many people embrace the statement/belief that life is always a mystery. To a certain extent, this is accurate. When we haven’t grasped the basics when our keychain lacks fundamental keys, then yes, life will remain an unsolvable mystery; excluding our ability to materialize Divine enchantments and miracles as these are keys of unintentional co-creation. But we can walk around with our ring half full only for so long, eventually, we must learn the master’s key of replenishment.

Mastering the art of supervision places the oars in our hands. True, for inexperienced sailors of the sea of this reality, that moment will come when the winds will be the winds and ships will be tossed wildly about. Until that whirlwind strikes though we should place our trust in our manifestation abilities. There’s a saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know” as if you are blindsided. I say, “you know what you know” and that’s what you go with because that’s what will materialize every time. Trust not in the emotions of this movie but in our ability to direct it. Know what needs to go on the editing room floor to have smooth transitions from scene to scene. Listen to a variety of stories on how main characters washed through cycle after cycle as these are guidebooks or director’s scripts.

We do not have to go kicking and screaming. There is no reason to fall to our knees crying. Know who is in the director’s chair of our own film- want ease then plan for ease. Pray; not for the grace and strength to go through what we create but for the clarity to foresee events happening according to our situation as only we know it to be. Above all pray for the Divine like timing with our pacing and execution of stages of life.

Check-In: Forgiveness 1,000 Times Over

The mighty teacher, Jesus, taught to forgive a thousand time over; no matter what is done to you, you shall love your enemies as you love yourself. For the most part, this advice, this wisdom, is followed but as always, when it comes to the manners of men, there’s a catch in our expression of the teaching. It has become common practice to forgive but not to forget. As a matter of fact, children are taught to forgive but never forget. That is not total forgiveness. It is not the act of forgiving a thousand times over, it holds on to the darkness and the cheap drama that we all should be avoiding. There is a difference between turning darkness into love and dealing in a deeper shadow. One of them can perform a total Divine transmutation of low vibrating energy and the other cannot.

Therefore, it’s the hidden gem of self-forgiveness that we should allocate greater attention to, especially since it is the marker of how we are to love others. Like forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self allows you to transform dark into light. Yet, forgiveness of self produces a couple different side effects of love. With self-forgiveness, we can release self-doubt and/or self-hate. We can more easily accept the Divinity which surrounds us and the Divinity which is in us. Like the forgiveness of others which Jesus spoke of, self-forgiveness leaves behind traces of educational lessons in patience, understanding, compassion, clear sight, and/or even unconditional love. These are the qualities needed to forgive others as we are supposed to. These are the makings of reunion with Self. Self cannot be angry at Self because Self is all things love.

Our anger at and fear of the illusion of being separated from God is what cause the difficulty of acting out forgiveness. Therefore, while in our little self, it is wise to hold no expectations of others and believe that everyone is doing their best. Truth be told, this illusion and everything in it is what’s really being forgiven when we perform forgiveness on any level as we are the creator of the dream. The hard time remembering reality is what blocks the inner light of peace from shining outward on this planet- from performing forgiveness as Jesus instructed. That’s why it’s important to forgive a thousand times over and forget everything but the love and blessings. Reach beyond our truth that we can only give at the level of love that we have achieved. Instead, pull on the Divine reality that to really perform the act of forgiveness one must remember that there really isn’t anything to forgive.

We can’t be hurt and all is with the purpose of eliminating the need for this universe that we created. So, forgive and don’t hold on. It’s hard and the Great Mind understands this, deep down you understand this, I understand this which is why while we are weak in our forgiving there is a memory that does it for us. This memory is called Grace and while we’re in the dream we experience this Grace through the Universe- a reflection of the real home.

Forgiveness a thousand times over? Yeah, it makes sense but more importantly, it unites the Self and brings us closer to home. Earn that forgiveness and we eliminate the fragmentation.

Thanks for listening!


From the Keyring: Trust in your Self

With so many self-help books in the bookstores and multiple healing modalities available to study, one forget that we are not broken. There is nothing to fix. This is all an emotional drama which will work out for everybody in the end. I know you may be sitting there thinking, I know a person or two who would beg to differ, in return I would remind you and them that most likely they’re stuck in cheap drama. Type of stuff we see on reality shows- cheap drama. The early process of teaching another how to treat us- cheap drama. We must learn to break away from that sugary sweet drama; but more importantly, we must learn that trusting ourselves is trusting in the wisdom of the Great Mind that created us.

If we stop and put serious thought to how we deal with the challenges of growth, then we would see that we find fault where there should be none since the Self is complete. How egotistical to believe that we can fix something we barely know about. Then again that is part of the human culture. Part of our thinking that something’s wrong, that we can’t trust ourselves enough to be part of the system that was designed by the dreamer as a reflection of reality, has caused the need for contemplation of how we process and live life. It’s scary and we want something to tell us that it will be alright. With that said we can admit our fear and still live in the light which shines the truth that we are not broken and we can trust us to take care of us. Even if we decide to close our heart; who are we hurting? To be truthful, as long as others have no expectations then they will not be hurt and/or disappointment, and we’re not hurting ourselves since 1) we were never truly ‘here’, 2) until the universe is no more, we will always have the choice of continuing to visit, and 3) in this illusion, we need carriers of the shadow, therefore, your black heart help make the world go around.

So, if a dark-hearted one isn’t broken and they trust themselves enough to remain as such then surely those who walk in the light can believe that they too can trust their choices. We are essential parts of the dream, as such we must answer the requisite of making choices, deciding whether we’re going to trust ourselves. I recall hearing that a bird doesn’t trust in the branch but in her wings. I evoke this truth when I begin to worry about my decisions. Our wings are strong, much stronger than those of a bird, the wisdom behind them is incomparable to anything on this planet. And this planet is one wondrous creation.

Kitchen Table: Worthiness of Blessings

There’s a club of Spirit where members must know how to gain greater tranquility from continual acceptance of self. They each have the obligatory worthiness allowing them to receive all blessings from the Great Mind– material and otherwise. This goes deeper than them acknowledging their deeds, words, and ties made in the memory of the Son, the Great Watcher of the Dream. Jesus no longer has anything to do with their actions and neither does any temporal mother figure. Instead these club members I speak of sit down and do deep forgiveness of what they think they may have or have not done. Forgiveness is the cure-all and it will cure feelings of unworthiness and they know this. The wonderful thing about this club is anyone can join. You just have to feel worthy of all that washes over you. Yes, all that washes over you; because even circumstances that don’t appear to have constructive value to your life will prove their worth in the end.

I asked, are there things which can be incorporated into daily life to become a member in this Spirit club? I was told, of course.

First, one must accept that self-esteem comes from within. Only you can make you feel better about the person you are. Notice the multiple uses of the word you? That’s because although it is nice to have others tell us how great they think we’re doing, in the end, their words are also an illusion that fades with time. Understand that all feelings of accomplishment must come from your opinion of your acts. Without your anchor of Self, you will be floating in the wind of opinion.

Second, one must accept Self/self without complaint. That’s a hard one I know. Yet, without this step, one could easily lose sight of the divine spark that is within all of us. The same way a complaint about others is a true, deep complaint about self, a complaint about self is also a complaint about the divine child (which is all of us.) You cannot complain about self because you are always growing and assimilating into the illusion and this is the joy of life. There is nothing to complain about when you are life and joy.

Third, one must take full responsibility for their life and what it is and is not. When we remember that this is all a movie, a play, which we direct, watch, and act in then how can we blame someone else. As a matter of fact, blame is a word that shouldn’t be in our vocabulary. There is no fault. There just is and is will work itself out. Not taking responsibility is a form of impatience, arrogance, and wastefulness. We receive what we pray for and if you don’t think you pray then I take that to mean that you must not think. The more responsible you become the easier you’re able to navigate this illusion.

Fourth, one must not accept guilt. Guilt is one of those things that can be delivered by self as well as others and no matter where it comes from it is not good. Everything is with the purpose of the disappearance of the universe. The end of the dream. Every little step that we take is about the evolution of the Soul, therefore, each step is a gift even when it appears not to be. Look, if you ask me this should fall under everything mentioned above, but, it’s not my club and I didn’t make the rules. Do 1-3 and you won’t have guilt.

And finally, one must have harmony between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This is also known as having integrity because when your behavior is aligned with your thoughts and your thoughts with your feelings then there is a natural energetic current surrounding you and neither no one nor no thing can shake you. If you ever become shaken, take pride in the fact that you faced something so much bigger in force and survived. But little petty small and low energetic forces can’t get pass your triple line of defense.

I’m glad that I discovered this ancient club and had to share it with you. Invisible but not secret, nameless but not unidentifiable, keeping these five rules will bring you the feeling of worthiness to receive all of God’s blessings, be they material or otherwise. How can you not manifest blessings, when performing the afore mentioned tells the universe that you understand it and its role in the earth plane as well as you understand the reflections of self and the roles they play. That is a true definition of worthiness which reaches deeper than the knowledge that you are worthy just because you are here. And with a deeper comprehension comes a stronger collective consciousness and a quicker way out.

Hope you enjoy your membership!


From the Keyring: Prayer and Trust

The universe is the Great Mind, the Creator of our delusional home, and the Grand Spirit to our reflective spiritual self. What we need, the universe provides for us. What we expect, the universe put in our way. Sometimes the expectations of humanity’s collective consciousness can manifest something in our individual lives that weren’t planned or asked for- such as an entire household getting sick because one member of the family did. And although some may not want to accept this, the universe is not just a vending machine of material toys. Spiritual and mental needs are taken care of also and showing gratitude for all provisions only materialize the bounty of abundance and love from the universe that much faster.

With all this wish granting, needs providing, and expressions of common sense, there must be a way to say thank you . . . and there is.

So how do you express your thanks or give your requests? Prayer! Prayer is talking with the universe. Talking is a form of expression of thought and the Great Mind knows thought. Prayer is releasing the expectation of spirit to Spirit. Prayer doesn’t have to be fancy as a matter of fact the more direct and simple a prayer is the more energetically charged the words are. With all that said, prayer is just a conversation, a prostrating of oneself, and the lower our head goes the higher our heart rise. Ask and you shall receive, you can believe in these words. Your belief, even if it is the size of a mustard seed. can move mountains and make a way when it seems that there isn’t a possible way. Your prayer, your belief is your co-creation.

Trust not in your knowledge about a troubling situation but in the gentle ways of the universe. Prayer and trust go hand in hand. You must have trust in the universe and the miracles and wonders it can bring. Trust in the Great Mind like you trust in a best friend or parent. Be humble with it, but know that you can lay your burdens down once you have spoken with Spirit. There is a purpose in this illusion and that means there is a purpose in what you desire. So shut down your pride and talk with Spirit knowing that your conversation can be trusted.

Kitchen Table: What Liberal Agenda Are You Fighting?

James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” With the recent Presidential election results, both sides of America are facing things, and only time will tell if changes will be permanent. The “Silent Majority” showed that they are tired of the “liberal agenda” by voting against Democrats. While the mixed “minority” decided to stay home, not using their en bloc power either way. Now there is an isolationist, divisive American President in Office. Being the superpower of the world, everyone has taken notice and is taking sides. The election is causing even the most politically ignorant to sit up and take notice. Forcing Americans, all Americans, to face things because the President of the people is attempting to change nearly everything that has been built over the past couple of decades.

The main thing I don’t understand is how can opposing the “Liberal Agenda” be the motivating force of the “Silent Majority?” Liberals have RARELY command sway over this country as politicians. Since Abraham Lincoln, there has been nineteen Republican and eight Democrat Presidents. More recently, since 1913 there has been 10 Republican and 8 Democrat Presidents, only a few of them could be considered Liberal in their policy making. Power has always been in the hands of Traditionalist which happen to listen to the money. Let us not forget the historic powers of the Unions, the same powerhouse that recently had an official seat in the White House with the sitting President- something civil rights leaders haven’t received yet. Nor can we ignore the highly-supported military-industrial complex which has kept the United States in conflict- yet the President refuse to include the military in the Federal hiring freeze. Nonetheless, true liberals steadily fight for application of President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” theory (freedom of speech, religion, want, and fear) every inch gained with much strife. At one time liberals were considered the intellectuals of the country, the “eggheads”, yet they had to hold out hope that the politicians would listen to them. Time hasn’t changed much, Democrats and Republicans are still lynching true liberals; neither political body want to fight as a populist party.

The decisions that anger the “Silent Majority” have been for the good of corporations and businesses. This is who the “majority” needs to take its frustrations out on, not true liberals. Sadly, our elected representatives (on both sides) have been corrupted by the mighty dollar; now we’ve put a businessman in the White House.

True liberals are still standing up, resisting, and have their eyes on both parties with an upcoming election in their sight. True liberals are once again fired up, remaining the activist of the heart and not the head. True liberals know they must maintain their morality while resisting big business (like they’ve always done.) True liberals know that they have always been underrated yet make large strides when given the chance because progress is what the Universe support.

So again, I ask what “Liberal Agenda” is the “Silent Majority” fighting that they haven’t previously ended up supporting? These, the “Silent Majority”, have been supporters of war and segregation at home and repeated attempted genocide around the world; but haven’t been able to eliminate the liberal activist, the true liberal, because true liberals stand on the side of justice, peace, and love. Truth is, we’re all liberals. We are not Traditionalist by birth wanting and attempting to keep things the same. Adapt or die is the Universal Law and true liberals adhere to it. As a country, we’ve come too far, endured too much, to become lazy in our innate morality. We have and we will do our civic duty of protecting and serving those weaker than ourselves. Taking care of “home” has always been the “Liberal Agenda” and if this is the agenda which the “Silent Majority” is fighting then the “Liberal Agenda” will win.

And before I go, to my black/African-American family members stop voting en bloc for the Democrats and consider what the individual has done for you and your community. It was the Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson who stated his underlying intentions to two like-minded governors when he said, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” While Dr. Martin Luther King refused to be used by either party, remember? Examine the individual candidate.

Spiritual Laws in a Flash: Law of Attraction

Creating a blueprint for life is not optional. Mental images, emotions, and thoughts produce an outline of the physical environment, conditions, and experiences that will materialize within the illusion. What starts out as an unseen wavelength turns into real matter. Therefore, it is safe to say, that we are the architects designing our planets as we grow. This is how we co-create with the Great Mind of God, attracting what’s Divinely ours.

With such power of creation comes heavy responsibility. Sometimes it appears that the Universe isn’t accurately hearing your beliefs, that is not the case. In fact, with clarity and the active effort towards materialization, the universe gives the best reflection of your effort. The Universe always delivers our most dense vibration directly on our “doorstep.”

A wonderful thing about our universe is materialization within the illusion is on time delay. Although thoughts are instantly manifested, we can correct or even discharge them with an opposite thoughts, an instructions to disregard, or tsking no further actions. Thankfully, the law of attraction states that our finite minds can’t materialize as fast as the infinite Great Mind.

What happens in a neighborhood or country is still a reflection or an attraction; thoughts and actions of the majority. They too can undergo changes, with effort and the opposite thoughts.

So never stop thinking in terms of what you want. This is our power; our ability to create something from nothing. And, it all starts with a blueprint.

Check-in: Embodiment of Change Not the Subject of Change

When it comes to the reformation of personal circumstance, no one is a better agent of change than you. No one knows the situation like you. Things such as desperation and whispered instincts cannot be included in another’s planning. Which is why it’s important to take control, be the driving force of your existence, because no matter the sincerity, only you can manifest your life as designed by the Great Mind of God.

One thing about Mankind that I always enjoy hearing, is the rising up of a people that had been dominated and disempowered by another group. These types of stories span throughout history, unfortunately, as it’s part of the human narrative. It always tickles me how usually right before the oppressed become the embodiment of change, more enlighten members of the oppressing group want to make the oppressed the subject of change. The enlighten arguement presented by the oppressor neither heal nor change things because the universe supports and champion self-sufficiency and the collective consciousness of the oppressed at that time was “things aren’t changeable.” Therefore, no matter how well the reasoning for freeing the oppressed, the oppressor didn’t give up their lifestyle. Eventually, the oppressed reached critical mass in thought and action and with their steady progress, freedom was manifested in the physical environment. Love it! Did you get that? Slaves, people consdered less than, and those deemed untouchable became “an active organ of change” which produced a long, hard won victory spread beore their feet.

It’s the same way for the individual, personification of change equals a shift in the journey. And no one can stop you once your energy has been transformed. Free in spirit, the universe will give you the opportunity to do things differently than your former self and your ancestors did. The beauty of it all is change happens in an instant, the materialization may take years or even decades, but the moment you declare that you’ve changed your mental life, your existence in the physical environment is modified and you are delivered.

As we enter a new cycle of leadership, which is already filled with direct opposition and voiced expectations, know that in time what the collective whole thinks will manifest on the physical plane in some form; groups have already shown clarity, have dedicated time, and have stated that they are in this for the long haul. The question isn’t if or when modiication will happen, but how bad do we want the change we’re asking for. The power of transformation is within us. Every one of us, as individuals and as the collective consciousness of this nation. There is no need to be frighten about the state of the physical environment, again, it will be constructed per the expectations of the people. An effect based on a cause will be the reply of the universe. This is a truth, a Law of the Universe.

But, if fear has you frozen. just take a moment to think what’s the worst that can be done to try to stop change? Death is just another transitionary stage, some say that we return to the Great Mind, so dying for a cause is not to be feared. We must be willing to die for something or we are living for nothing. So, put away your worries and fears letting your affirmation fuel your thoughts, actions, and words of change. We’ll be okay, and if you still don’e believe then look at the history. You’ll see change come and oppression doesn’t last forever.

Check-in: Transforming Energy

We are never divisible and our acts will carry on until a stronger force overpowers them. Although there’s an universally accepted illusive segmentation, life is a continuous thought moving toward the evolution of the collective consciousness; one instantaneous experience in the Great Mind of God. At the same time, it can’t be denied that we “live” in a physical environment, a well-executed illusion. One of the truths of our reality is we live as directed by the commonly accepted beliefs of the collective- those of yesterday, today, and tomorrow until our actions produce new beliefs. Accordingly, this fact means that we each participate in energetic, generational illnesses. Failure to transform and heal the energy means it will be transferred and the cycles of pain will continue generation after generation. The fear will remain present in the physical environment, waiting for the frequency of love to rise and the creative solutions to manifest.

With honest history lessons, acts toward evolution, and prayers for a powerful voice of love to manifest, cycle breakers are born, nurtured, and set free where needed most. These men and women instigate for a truer reflection of the reality of God’s Mind which is perfect, inclusive, unconditional, healthy, and indivisible. Cycle breakers use Divine Grace to transform ugly into beauty, fear into love, and darkness into light. People (the collective), follow the cycle breakers, knowing that the pain can’t be transferred any longer have a determination to be part of the critical mass birthing a transformation. Even though they face the resistance of established beliefs, they pull on their courageous energy and tell the Universe “yes, I really want to change the belief system.” The people talk out their thoughts while duplicating the cycle breakers’ actions, knowing that there are no challenges of fear and hate born within the illusion that will not eventually bend to the power of love. They believe in the old saying that with time the mulberry leaf turns into silk.

Another truth is if we are brought to a challenge we will be brought through a challenge, even if the outlet is death and another has to continue the act of change for us. If we see that there are beliefs being transferred that are destructive to the individual and collective then that instance is the time to work toward transforming them.

Considering contributing to the act of transforming the injustice seen on a daily basis? Know that love and justice are transformers and by walking with them in your pocket you help to shift the low energy. We are a good creation made of the highest energy. And when we’re being our true selves, engaging lovingly in the art of living, we transform the darker parts of our character into a reflection known as Heaven on Earth. Never again to be the same. Transformation after transformation getting closer to the reunion with the Mind of God as a collective. What a wonderful creation we live in.