Sabrina Louise Andielle loves swimming in the deep waters.  She looks at everything from a spiritual point of view because “spirit is what it’s all about.”  She believes that everyone is entitled to Divine joy which “cannot be destroyed once captured.”  In order to play her part in the physical environment, Sabrina Louise Andielle has taken to communicating beliefs and truths of the people based on their decisions and actions in hopes that observation will lead to respond-able evolution.  Her motto: One voice, One mind, Evolution of mankind!

This is a blog about living a spiritual Life so that you can achieve divine Joy; which will naturally evolve the Collective Consciousness of the people of earth as time continues.  We take a look at contemporary issues of the spirit; as well as, historical events of the material that shaped our reality.  The overview of Life, Joy, & Collective Consciousness is the general population of America and her around the way friends.  

Since Sabrina Louise Andielle is American and America remain one of the most powerful countries in the free world, Sabrina Louise Andielle felt that America’s deeds and thoughts needed to be examined with a spiritual eye geared toward healing and evolving.  But don’t worry because anyone can pick-up a useful lesson or two throughout the blog posts here because she also examines the actions of Earth’s population due to the belief and truth that our physical environment is a product of the global collective consciousness.

Hope You Enjoy
May 11, 2018