This is a blog about living a spiritual Life so that you can achieve divine Joy; which will naturally evolve the Collective Consciousness of the people of earth as time continues.  We take a look at contemporary issues of the spirit; as well as, historical events of the material that shaped our reality- especially the era of America’s 1960s.  The overview of Life, Joy, & Collective Consciousness is the general population of America and her around the way friends.  Since I am American and she is one of the most powerful countries in the free world I feel that her actions and thoughts need to be examined with a spiritual eye geared toward healing and evolution.  But don’t worry, anyone will be able to pick-up a useful lesson or two throughout the posts and pages here because I also examine the actions of Earth’s population due to the belief and truth that our physical reality is a product of the global collective consciousness.

Hope you enjoy!

Sabrina-Louise Holloway