There is a belief that when the Universe gives you a Dream you aren’t the only one to receive this specific dream. As a matter of fact in the book The Dream Giver, it even states that Ordinaries can receive the same dreams and that not everyone accomplishes them. This spiritual formula is also used for writers.

While we are sleeping, our minds travel to lands unreachable while in the form of matter. These lands are wondrous and beautiful. Green, white, purple, gold, and yellow in color. They include halls of healing, learning, playing, and planning and remembering. I think writers travel all these halls because writers need to know how to do all of them. The collective consciousness has selected these individuals to carry the weight of being true teachers for the self-taught and seekers while in the flesh.

When you combine the travels with the assignments a writer receives you get the turtle eggs on the beach situation. Like the baby turtles, many are given the dream of becoming a working writer but few make it from the beach sands’ organic ingredients to the waters of fluid thoughts and creations.

The imagination is a powerful thing and the imagination of a creative writer is an experience with the Divine.

-Thanks for Listening
Sabrina-Louise Holloway


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