I learned a very important lesson last week that didn’t explain itself until I was in the shower yesterday.

The magic, the rabbit out of the hat, of Earthly manifestation is a result more of divine spirit at work than the power of the human mind and determination of spirit. Yes, there is a responsibility on the individual to do what needs to be done in order to be a container ready to receive, but, the actual deliverance falls square on the shoulders of God. Why? Because our focus is supposed to be on serving each other not on how will we meet our survival needs- and survival needs are the things which we usually concern ourselves with because as it is said: When in Rome do as the Romans do. But, doing as the Romans will lead to spiritual degradation.

If we are more focused on how we will pay the rent, then our minds are filled with Earthly concerns and not on how we will be the connected Spiritual Beings that we are; living under the harsh circumstances of an appearance of individualism.

I have noticed that when we are practitioners of the various healing modalities and we give in to the fears of how and when will the money arrive we become motivated toward “serving” in a way that attempts to manipulate the process of manifestation of the money/jobs. We muddy the waters and unintentionally make the path that we must take as healers, and beings in general, harder because we can’t fool or disrespect God. Personally, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem if we didn’t have to walk the walk while we’re talking the talk and providing for the whole of creation. In other words, when we are trying to manipulate God to provide when and how we need according to our understanding we can’t think straight and not only can we not see the road before us but we can’t remain the open container for Spirit which is a you thing and not a we thing; but life is a we thing so sadly, it’s a problem.

Having our needs provided is not a test of our ability to walk with and talk about God. Again. waiting for money is not a test of worthiness in the eyes of anyone who is abundant (hint: we all are abundant.)

Sabrina, I said, receiving the money to move is a matter of time because self does not deny self you focus on gently manifesting healing stories that entertain. Be the messenger, Sabrina-Louise. That’s it; nothing more is required. Plan the release of your stories according to your container, not your pocketbook. So, I will! This doesn’t mean that I’m going to skimp on the quantity but instead that I will focus on the quality of my container

I think it is best to look at it like an expense account, do the job without any cheating or manipulation and you will be reimbursed- that’s a promise like the showing of a rainbow after a good rain.


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