As I continue to go farther than I’ve gone in a long time, I sit and ponder if I’m doing my best. I hope that I am. I pray that I’m tackling this elephant of a project to the best of my abilities because I’m giving all I have to give. That’s all any of us can do after all: give the best we have. And, even though others may judge our performance lackluster, that’s not always the universe’s point of view.

We know this because we live in a galaxy where there is a law of cause and effect. What you put in is what you get out. There is no one above this law, whether you’re successful or finding yourself in the dumps. But why must we do our best? Why are we wired to push and push and push until we break through in ways we never knew possible? I believe that just as we are wired to seek and to imitate a higher force, we’re designed wanting to do our best. Even those who don’t like to work will do their best because it’s just that . . . their best it’s what they’re wired to do.

Here’s a theory. Say we are, in fact, as science, mystics, and spiritual medicine people proclaim. Meaning that we are all within the creator/maker/universe and the universe/creator/maker is in fact inside of us because it’s all energy. This would mean that each person is likened to a cell within a body, each of us with a job to do in order to keep this body healthy; the body being every nuance in this creation such as the stars in the sky that light the way or the many planets rotating in the manner that we’ve come to expect. Everything moves as designed because everyone does what’s expected and everyone does what’s expected because everything moves as designed. This includes everything, it doesn’t matter what we’re working on, whether we’re doing little things like collecting aluminum cans and other metals for cash or heading million dollar companies, our effort contributes to the whole.

We are wired to do our best and only when we are not in our bliss do we doubt if we’re doing so. It’s like worry; blocking and preventing us from the true exchange of payment, light energy. So I surrender and release my concern of my performance and instead just perform. I sit in the truth that I help the all by doing me and as long as I follow instincts I will no doubt do my best not only because I am in everyone and everyone is in me but because I was wired to do my best.

Final Word: Broken down to the common denominator doing our best is unconditional love and unconditional love is made up of accepted efforts which are too small, incomplete, and undefined as of yet; but still, the effort is our best nonetheless.

-Thanks for Listening


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