With the completion of a harvest, the choice becomes either gracefully surrendering to the stage of renewal or experiencing renewal by external forces of circumstance. As we age, we come to discover that being proactive beats being reactive any day. From our wisdom of cycles, we know exactly what time the bounty will come to an end; upon this realization, we begin to daydream on what is next. This is when the conversation with self about self begins and our prayers for a better life enter the universe. Wisdom knows that we don’t have to wait until stockpiles are empty before readying the ground for new seeds. In other words, we don’t need to hit the floor before we begin striving toward a better tomorrow. Plus, if we are truly grounded in the movie of our life, we can pretty much know what is next with a high degree of accuracy.

Many people embrace the statement/belief that life is always a mystery. To a certain extent, this is accurate. When we haven’t grasped the basics when our keychain lacks fundamental keys, then yes, life will remain an unsolvable mystery; excluding our ability to materialize Divine enchantments and miracles as these are keys of unintentional co-creation. But we can walk around with our ring half full only for so long, eventually, we must learn the master’s key of replenishment.

Mastering the art of supervision places the oars in our hands. True, for inexperienced sailors of the sea of this reality, that moment will come when the winds will be the winds and ships will be tossed wildly about. Until that whirlwind strikes though we should place our trust in our manifestation abilities. There’s a saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know” as if you are blindsided. I say, “you know what you know” and that’s what you go with because that’s what will materialize every time. Trust not in the emotions of this movie but in our ability to direct it. Know what needs to go on the editing room floor to have smooth transitions from scene to scene. Listen to a variety of stories on how main characters washed through cycle after cycle as these are guidebooks or director’s scripts.

We do not have to go kicking and screaming. There is no reason to fall to our knees crying. Know who is in the director’s chair of our own film- want ease then plan for ease. Pray; not for the grace and strength to go through what we create but for the clarity to foresee events happening according to our situation as only we know it to be. Above all pray for the Divine like timing with our pacing and execution of stages of life.


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