The mighty teacher, Jesus, taught to forgive a thousand time over; no matter what is done to you, you shall love your enemies as you love yourself. For the most part, this advice, this wisdom, is followed but as always, when it comes to the manners of men, there’s a catch in our expression of the teaching. It has become common practice to forgive but not to forget. As a matter of fact, children are taught to forgive but never forget. That is not total forgiveness. It is not the act of forgiving a thousand times over, it holds on to the darkness and the cheap drama that we all should be avoiding. There is a difference between turning darkness into love and dealing in a deeper shadow. One of them can perform a total Divine transmutation of low vibrating energy and the other cannot.

Therefore, it’s the hidden gem of self-forgiveness that we should allocate greater attention to, especially since it is the marker of how we are to love others. Like forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self allows you to transform dark into light. Yet, forgiveness of self produces a couple different side effects of love. With self-forgiveness, we can release self-doubt and/or self-hate. We can more easily accept the Divinity which surrounds us and the Divinity which is in us. Like the forgiveness of others which Jesus spoke of, self-forgiveness leaves behind traces of educational lessons in patience, understanding, compassion, clear sight, and/or even unconditional love. These are the qualities needed to forgive others as we are supposed to. These are the makings of reunion with Self. Self cannot be angry at Self because Self is all things love.

Our anger at and fear of the illusion of being separated from God is what cause the difficulty of acting out forgiveness. Therefore, while in our little self, it is wise to hold no expectations of others and believe that everyone is doing their best. Truth be told, this illusion and everything in it is what’s really being forgiven when we perform forgiveness on any level as we are the creator of the dream. The hard time remembering reality is what blocks the inner light of peace from shining outward on this planet- from performing forgiveness as Jesus instructed. That’s why it’s important to forgive a thousand times over and forget everything but the love and blessings. Reach beyond our truth that we can only give at the level of love that we have achieved. Instead, pull on the Divine reality that to really perform the act of forgiveness one must remember that there really isn’t anything to forgive.

We can’t be hurt and all is with the purpose of eliminating the need for this universe that we created. So, forgive and don’t hold on. It’s hard and the Great Mind understands this, deep down you understand this, I understand this which is why while we are weak in our forgiving there is a memory that does it for us. This memory is called Grace and while we’re in the dream we experience this Grace through the Universe- a reflection of the real home.

Forgiveness a thousand times over? Yeah, it makes sense but more importantly, it unites the Self and brings us closer to home. Earn that forgiveness and we eliminate the fragmentation.

Thanks for listening!



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