With so many self-help books in the bookstores and multiple healing modalities available to study, one forget that we are not broken. There is nothing to fix. This is all an emotional drama which will work out for everybody in the end. I know you may be sitting there thinking, I know a person or two who would beg to differ, in return I would remind you and them that most likely they’re stuck in cheap drama. Type of stuff we see on reality shows- cheap drama. The early process of teaching another how to treat us- cheap drama. We must learn to break away from that sugary sweet drama; but more importantly, we must learn that trusting ourselves is trusting in the wisdom of the Great Mind that created us.

If we stop and put serious thought to how we deal with the challenges of growth, then we would see that we find fault where there should be none since the Self is complete. How egotistical to believe that we can fix something we barely know about. Then again that is part of the human culture. Part of our thinking that something’s wrong, that we can’t trust ourselves enough to be part of the system that was designed by the dreamer as a reflection of reality, has caused the need for contemplation of how we process and live life. It’s scary and we want something to tell us that it will be alright. With that said we can admit our fear and still live in the light which shines the truth that we are not broken and we can trust us to take care of us. Even if we decide to close our heart; who are we hurting? To be truthful, as long as others have no expectations then they will not be hurt and/or disappointment, and we’re not hurting ourselves since 1) we were never truly ‘here’, 2) until the universe is no more, we will always have the choice of continuing to visit, and 3) in this illusion, we need carriers of the shadow, therefore, your black heart help make the world go around.

So, if a dark-hearted one isn’t broken and they trust themselves enough to remain as such then surely those who walk in the light can believe that they too can trust their choices. We are essential parts of the dream, as such we must answer the requisite of making choices, deciding whether we’re going to trust ourselves. I recall hearing that a bird doesn’t trust in the branch but in her wings. I evoke this truth when I begin to worry about my decisions. Our wings are strong, much stronger than those of a bird, the wisdom behind them is incomparable to anything on this planet. And this planet is one wondrous creation.


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