There’s a club of Spirit where members must know how to gain greater tranquility from continual acceptance of self. They each have the obligatory worthiness allowing them to receive all blessings from the Great Mind– material and otherwise. This goes deeper than them acknowledging their deeds, words, and ties made in the memory of the Son, the Great Watcher of the Dream. Jesus no longer has anything to do with their actions and neither does any temporal mother figure. Instead these club members I speak of sit down and do deep forgiveness of what they think they may have or have not done. Forgiveness is the cure-all and it will cure feelings of unworthiness and they know this. The wonderful thing about this club is anyone can join. You just have to feel worthy of all that washes over you. Yes, all that washes over you; because even circumstances that don’t appear to have constructive value to your life will prove their worth in the end.

I asked, are there things which can be incorporated into daily life to become a member in this Spirit club? I was told, of course.

First, one must accept that self-esteem comes from within. Only you can make you feel better about the person you are. Notice the multiple uses of the word you? That’s because although it is nice to have others tell us how great they think we’re doing, in the end, their words are also an illusion that fades with time. Understand that all feelings of accomplishment must come from your opinion of your acts. Without your anchor of Self, you will be floating in the wind of opinion.

Second, one must accept Self/self without complaint. That’s a hard one I know. Yet, without this step, one could easily lose sight of the divine spark that is within all of us. The same way a complaint about others is a true, deep complaint about self, a complaint about self is also a complaint about the divine child (which is all of us.) You cannot complain about self because you are always growing and assimilating into the illusion and this is the joy of life. There is nothing to complain about when you are life and joy.

Third, one must take full responsibility for their life and what it is and is not. When we remember that this is all a movie, a play, which we direct, watch, and act in then how can we blame someone else. As a matter of fact, blame is a word that shouldn’t be in our vocabulary. There is no fault. There just is and is will work itself out. Not taking responsibility is a form of impatience, arrogance, and wastefulness. We receive what we pray for and if you don’t think you pray then I take that to mean that you must not think. The more responsible you become the easier you’re able to navigate this illusion.

Fourth, one must not accept guilt. Guilt is one of those things that can be delivered by self as well as others and no matter where it comes from it is not good. Everything is with the purpose of the disappearance of the universe. The end of the dream. Every little step that we take is about the evolution of the Soul, therefore, each step is a gift even when it appears not to be. Look, if you ask me this should fall under everything mentioned above, but, it’s not my club and I didn’t make the rules. Do 1-3 and you won’t have guilt.

And finally, one must have harmony between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This is also known as having integrity because when your behavior is aligned with your thoughts and your thoughts with your feelings then there is a natural energetic current surrounding you and neither no one nor no thing can shake you. If you ever become shaken, take pride in the fact that you faced something so much bigger in force and survived. But little petty small and low energetic forces can’t get pass your triple line of defense.

I’m glad that I discovered this ancient club and had to share it with you. Invisible but not secret, nameless but not unidentifiable, keeping these five rules will bring you the feeling of worthiness to receive all of God’s blessings, be they material or otherwise. How can you not manifest blessings, when performing the afore mentioned tells the universe that you understand it and its role in the earth plane as well as you understand the reflections of self and the roles they play. That is a true definition of worthiness which reaches deeper than the knowledge that you are worthy just because you are here. And with a deeper comprehension comes a stronger collective consciousness and a quicker way out.

Hope you enjoy your membership!



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