The universe is the Great Mind, the Creator of our delusional home, and the Grand Spirit to our reflective spiritual self. What we need, the universe provides for us. What we expect, the universe put in our way. Sometimes the expectations of humanity’s collective consciousness can manifest something in our individual lives that weren’t planned or asked for- such as an entire household getting sick because one member of the family did. And although some may not want to accept this, the universe is not just a vending machine of material toys. Spiritual and mental needs are taken care of also and showing gratitude for all provisions only materialize the bounty of abundance and love from the universe that much faster.

With all this wish granting, needs providing, and expressions of common sense, there must be a way to say thank you . . . and there is.

So how do you express your thanks or give your requests? Prayer! Prayer is talking with the universe. Talking is a form of expression of thought and the Great Mind knows thought. Prayer is releasing the expectation of spirit to Spirit. Prayer doesn’t have to be fancy as a matter of fact the more direct and simple a prayer is the more energetically charged the words are. With all that said, prayer is just a conversation, a prostrating of oneself, and the lower our head goes the higher our heart rise. Ask and you shall receive, you can believe in these words. Your belief, even if it is the size of a mustard seed. can move mountains and make a way when it seems that there isn’t a possible way. Your prayer, your belief is your co-creation.

Trust not in your knowledge about a troubling situation but in the gentle ways of the universe. Prayer and trust go hand in hand. You must have trust in the universe and the miracles and wonders it can bring. Trust in the Great Mind like you trust in a best friend or parent. Be humble with it, but know that you can lay your burdens down once you have spoken with Spirit. There is a purpose in this illusion and that means there is a purpose in what you desire. So shut down your pride and talk with Spirit knowing that your conversation can be trusted.


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