James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” With the recent Presidential election results, both sides of America are facing things, and only time will tell if changes will be permanent. The “Silent Majority” showed that they are tired of the “liberal agenda” by voting against Democrats. While the mixed “minority” decided to stay home, not using their en bloc power either way. Now there is an isolationist, divisive American President in Office. Being the superpower of the world, everyone has taken notice and is taking sides. The election is causing even the most politically ignorant to sit up and take notice. Forcing Americans, all Americans, to face things because the President of the people is attempting to change nearly everything that has been built over the past couple of decades.

The main thing I don’t understand is how can opposing the “Liberal Agenda” be the motivating force of the “Silent Majority?” Liberals have RARELY command sway over this country as politicians. Since Abraham Lincoln, there has been nineteen Republican and eight Democrat Presidents. More recently, since 1913 there has been 10 Republican and 8 Democrat Presidents, only a few of them could be considered Liberal in their policy making. Power has always been in the hands of Traditionalist which happen to listen to the money. Let us not forget the historic powers of the Unions, the same powerhouse that recently had an official seat in the White House with the sitting President- something civil rights leaders haven’t received yet. Nor can we ignore the highly-supported military-industrial complex which has kept the United States in conflict- yet the President refuse to include the military in the Federal hiring freeze. Nonetheless, true liberals steadily fight for application of President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” theory (freedom of speech, religion, want, and fear) every inch gained with much strife. At one time liberals were considered the intellectuals of the country, the “eggheads”, yet they had to hold out hope that the politicians would listen to them. Time hasn’t changed much, Democrats and Republicans are still lynching true liberals; neither political body want to fight as a populist party.

The decisions that anger the “Silent Majority” have been for the good of corporations and businesses. This is who the “majority” needs to take its frustrations out on, not true liberals. Sadly, our elected representatives (on both sides) have been corrupted by the mighty dollar; now we’ve put a businessman in the White House.

True liberals are still standing up, resisting, and have their eyes on both parties with an upcoming election in their sight. True liberals are once again fired up, remaining the activist of the heart and not the head. True liberals know they must maintain their morality while resisting big business (like they’ve always done.) True liberals know that they have always been underrated yet make large strides when given the chance because progress is what the Universe support.

So again, I ask what “Liberal Agenda” is the “Silent Majority” fighting that they haven’t previously ended up supporting? These, the “Silent Majority”, have been supporters of war and segregation at home and repeated attempted genocide around the world; but haven’t been able to eliminate the liberal activist, the true liberal, because true liberals stand on the side of justice, peace, and love. Truth is, we’re all liberals. We are not Traditionalist by birth wanting and attempting to keep things the same. Adapt or die is the Universal Law and true liberals adhere to it. As a country, we’ve come too far, endured too much, to become lazy in our innate morality. We have and we will do our civic duty of protecting and serving those weaker than ourselves. Taking care of “home” has always been the “Liberal Agenda” and if this is the agenda which the “Silent Majority” is fighting then the “Liberal Agenda” will win.

And before I go, to my black/African-American family members stop voting en bloc for the Democrats and consider what the individual has done for you and your community. It was the Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson who stated his underlying intentions to two like-minded governors when he said, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” While Dr. Martin Luther King refused to be used by either party, remember? Examine the individual candidate.


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