Creating a blueprint for life is not optional. Mental images, emotions, and thoughts produce an outline of the physical environment, conditions, and experiences that will materialize within the illusion. What starts out as an unseen wavelength turns into real matter. Therefore, it is safe to say, that we are the architects designing our planets as we grow. This is how we co-create with the Great Mind of God, attracting what’s Divinely ours.

With such power of creation comes heavy responsibility. Sometimes it appears that the Universe isn’t accurately hearing your beliefs, that is not the case. In fact, with clarity and the active effort towards materialization, the universe gives the best reflection of your effort. The Universe always delivers our most dense vibration directly on our “doorstep.”

A wonderful thing about our universe is materialization within the illusion is on time delay. Although thoughts are instantly manifested, we can correct or even discharge them with an opposite thoughts, an instructions to disregard, or tsking no further actions. Thankfully, the law of attraction states that our finite minds can’t materialize as fast as the infinite Great Mind.

What happens in a neighborhood or country is still a reflection or an attraction; thoughts and actions of the majority. They too can undergo changes, with effort and the opposite thoughts.

So never stop thinking in terms of what you want. This is our power; our ability to create something from nothing. And, it all starts with a blueprint.


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