When it comes to the reformation of personal circumstance, no one is a better agent of change than you. No one knows the situation like you. Things such as desperation and whispered instincts cannot be included in another’s planning. Which is why it’s important to take control, be the driving force of your existence, because no matter the sincerity, only you can manifest your life as designed by the Great Mind of God.

One thing about Mankind that I always enjoy hearing, is the rising up of a people that had been dominated and disempowered by another group. These types of stories span throughout history, unfortunately, as it’s part of the human narrative. It always tickles me how usually right before the oppressed become the embodiment of change, more enlighten members of the oppressing group want to make the oppressed the subject of change. The enlighten arguement presented by the oppressor neither heal nor change things because the universe supports and champion self-sufficiency and the collective consciousness of the oppressed at that time was “things aren’t changeable.” Therefore, no matter how well the reasoning for freeing the oppressed, the oppressor didn’t give up their lifestyle. Eventually, the oppressed reached critical mass in thought and action and with their steady progress, freedom was manifested in the physical environment. Love it! Did you get that? Slaves, people consdered less than, and those deemed untouchable became “an active organ of change” which produced a long, hard won victory spread beore their feet.

It’s the same way for the individual, personification of change equals a shift in the journey. And no one can stop you once your energy has been transformed. Free in spirit, the universe will give you the opportunity to do things differently than your former self and your ancestors did. The beauty of it all is change happens in an instant, the materialization may take years or even decades, but the moment you declare that you’ve changed your mental life, your existence in the physical environment is modified and you are delivered.

As we enter a new cycle of leadership, which is already filled with direct opposition and voiced expectations, know that in time what the collective whole thinks will manifest on the physical plane in some form; groups have already shown clarity, have dedicated time, and have stated that they are in this for the long haul. The question isn’t if or when modiication will happen, but how bad do we want the change we’re asking for. The power of transformation is within us. Every one of us, as individuals and as the collective consciousness of this nation. There is no need to be frighten about the state of the physical environment, again, it will be constructed per the expectations of the people. An effect based on a cause will be the reply of the universe. This is a truth, a Law of the Universe.

But, if fear has you frozen. just take a moment to think what’s the worst that can be done to try to stop change? Death is just another transitionary stage, some say that we return to the Great Mind, so dying for a cause is not to be feared. We must be willing to die for something or we are living for nothing. So, put away your worries and fears letting your affirmation fuel your thoughts, actions, and words of change. We’ll be okay, and if you still don’e believe then look at the history. You’ll see change come and oppression doesn’t last forever.


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