We are never divisible and our acts will carry on until a stronger force overpowers them. Although there’s an universally accepted illusive segmentation, life is a continuous thought moving toward the evolution of the collective consciousness; one instantaneous experience in the Great Mind of God. At the same time, it can’t be denied that we “live” in a physical environment, a well-executed illusion. One of the truths of our reality is we live as directed by the commonly accepted beliefs of the collective- those of yesterday, today, and tomorrow until our actions produce new beliefs. Accordingly, this fact means that we each participate in energetic, generational illnesses. Failure to transform and heal the energy means it will be transferred and the cycles of pain will continue generation after generation. The fear will remain present in the physical environment, waiting for the frequency of love to rise and the creative solutions to manifest.

With honest history lessons, acts toward evolution, and prayers for a powerful voice of love to manifest, cycle breakers are born, nurtured, and set free where needed most. These men and women instigate for a truer reflection of the reality of God’s Mind which is perfect, inclusive, unconditional, healthy, and indivisible. Cycle breakers use Divine Grace to transform ugly into beauty, fear into love, and darkness into light. People (the collective), follow the cycle breakers, knowing that the pain can’t be transferred any longer have a determination to be part of the critical mass birthing a transformation. Even though they face the resistance of established beliefs, they pull on their courageous energy and tell the Universe “yes, I really want to change the belief system.” The people talk out their thoughts while duplicating the cycle breakers’ actions, knowing that there are no challenges of fear and hate born within the illusion that will not eventually bend to the power of love. They believe in the old saying that with time the mulberry leaf turns into silk.

Another truth is if we are brought to a challenge we will be brought through a challenge, even if the outlet is death and another has to continue the act of change for us. If we see that there are beliefs being transferred that are destructive to the individual and collective then that instance is the time to work toward transforming them.

Considering contributing to the act of transforming the injustice seen on a daily basis? Know that love and justice are transformers and by walking with them in your pocket you help to shift the low energy. We are a good creation made of the highest energy. And when we’re being our true selves, engaging lovingly in the art of living, we transform the darker parts of our character into a reflection known as Heaven on Earth. Never again to be the same. Transformation after transformation getting closer to the reunion with the Mind of God as a collective. What a wonderful creation we live in.


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