There are no accidental periods of a rebirth of the collective consciousness or of a redesign of the total physical environment. To occur, rebirth and redesign require commitments of time and effort and a sacrifice of life as it is known. Endurance to survive the inner drive to see a new manifestation -no matter what- is born from the gifts of the Great Mind of God. Individuals answering the small voice walk by faith that what they are bringing into the collective is not only a natural evolution but one of Divine timing.

Being the catalyst of change is not an easy role. Visions of the renaissance is not available to everyone, yet it must be followed by the seer. S/he must be willing to wake up before everyone else, to have their personal life be taken over by an energy that is foreign to the collective, to hear solutions on a higher frequency, and even deal with the low energy of violence. Never is the initial prospect of evolving the entirety looked upon by the masses as sanity. This is nothing but an objective fear of the majority, the fear of change, and cannot be taken personally by the seer.

Even with the majority crying out in verbal, physical, economical, and spiritual opposition, renaissances still happen. They may not happen often because of all that is required during the process of taking an evolutionary step, but as they materialize, what is static becomes fluid and nothing is as it seems. By being channels of God, birthers follow intuition and Self-knowledge until they midwife new energy, insights about reason and purpose, and forms of creativity that will actualize the completion of a specific renaissance.

America just experienced the beginning of a social justice renaissance with the 1960s; customs were challenged, laws were rewritten, and a new way of existence was enforced- even if a segment of the population disagreed. With the sacrifice of life forces and sicken unity, commitments to see justice be spilled out of the container of grace maintained to this day. I say beginning because America has yet to complete the transmutation of thought and healing of country’s soul even as she continues to realign her beliefs about equality of the races, freedom of the spirit, and deliverance of American justice to all.

There is no denying that the labor pains of the 1960s gave birth to the translation of wisdom within the spiritual textbooks of the 1990s. The 1990s saw a rise of critical mass demanding the acknowledgement and continuation of change and the honoring of the 1960s seers that either carried their vision of evolution to completion due to death or they continue their journey today. Maybe with the 2030s we will be able to see an authentic, heartfelt change and an end to the social justice renaissance. After all, this renaissance must end at some point in time and the 2030s will be 70 years of activity toward an elevated frequency. Maybe I’m foolish, but I believe that 70 years is enough time to dialy experience the truth that all people are equal and no one is above another because of a birth right. If it isn’t, America will continue to repeat the process of social disobedience; birthing new seers who will take the country to equality.

The will of the collective is an evolution toward oneness and love and consciousness can wait to experience this unity in the collective memory because time is on its side. Fear and separation can not beat the power of love and unity.


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