Law has a way of making the outside look clean and in order. With our law, there is an appearance of justice for all who is aware of and touched by it. But the law is not grace and therefore law cannot change the spirit’s emotional response, meaning violations will continue until the heart match the law (or the wallet.) Law cleans according to the material, grace cleanses according to the spirit. Many leaders of the Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s & 1960s fought for new laws because grace wasn’t in the hearts of the race that held the reins of the country’s laws.

Grace is justice, grace is equality, grace is love, and grace shines the light on the darkness. The law is opinion, the law is division, the law is fear, and the law looks for the darkness. In this physical environment, we need both since we have not evolved to the level of Master Creator. Yet, it can’t be denied that the collective consciousness needs to make a rule which states that we experience grace in awareness of the illusion before we experience law.

But we haven’t manifested such law; so what are we to do? Use a simple test to see if the law is really called for or if grace will accomplish your desire. If circumstances require spirit to spirit transformation use grace. If circumstances require a mind to mind transformation use the law. This powerful formula has been used during ancient times and still work today. It’s better than the formula that is currently used by politicians, lawyers, and police officers.

When communicating with your higher self about progressing through this moment when grace is the second language, keep in mind that there has been a warning about men and the law- the laws can lead to corruption of the spirit and misleading of the soul. Until the intent of the law is no longer about punishment, use it while remembering that it is not bigger than the process/laws designed by God. With that you’ll do fine.



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