In today’s society communication is loose, lacking thought. Just listen to all the public officials apologizing for comments made that didn’t match intentions. Everyday Jane spills hateful comments putting everyone on the boiling edge. Many are quick to say what they feel no matter who they hurt, and others speak because the desire is to hurt. But things weren’t always like this, we used to understand the power of the word. Maybe it’s because we have so many communication outlets or maybe it’s that we aren’t standing in integrity any longer, either way, things need to change so we can once again be good stewards of the word.

I can’t begin to stress the importance of keeping one eye on the word and the other on the mind. The words that we freely communicate with, forms the perception which the collective consciousness materialize. Our little oral exchanges about how to dress, what to eat, what to believe, or even what politician to support, influence what we perceive and the amount of circulating Divine joy we receive. Our perceptions are formed with the selected word yet people take the responsibility of communication with hesitation.

This isn’t a matter to kick around! Our environment is depending on our perceptions which are expressed through our communication. Just as every item we use was once an idea in the mind of another, every part of our life is based on conversations with self and others. From climate change to government entitlements, eveything follows our voice of how we see things. Take the time to reflect on what you believe before you share, because it will manifest before us all, since the way we see things is connected to our environment. But then again that’s life in a dream where there’s one who is pretending to be many.


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